Legal notice

Hotel Kögele in Axams

Information obligation according to § 5 para. 1 E-Commerce Act:

Company name: Hotel Kögele
Specialist group: Hotel industry

Street: Georg-Bucherstr. 34
Postcode/location: 6094 Axams
Internet: www.hotelkoegele.com
E-mail: office@koegele.com
Phone: +43 (0)5234 68803

ATU: 63591018
Legal form: Sole proprietorship
Owner: Mr. Alois Höllrigl
Managing director: Mr. Alois Höllrigl

Picture credits:
© Luxstudios Florian Scherl
© Innsbruck Tourism Christian Vorhofer
© Innsbruck Tourism W9 Studios
© Innsbruck Tourism Tommy Bause
© Innsbruck Tourism Marius Schwager
© Innsbruck Tourism Mario Webhofer
© Innsbruck Tourism Helga Andreatta
© Innsbruck Tourism Christoph Schöch
© Innsbruck Tourism Andre Schönherr
© Innsbruck Tourism / Erwin Haiden
© Innsbruck Tourismus / Eye5 - Jonas Schwarzwälder
© Innsbruck Tourism / Christian Vorhofer
© Innsbruck Tourism / Frank Heuer
© Innsbruck Tourism / Daniel Zangerl
© Innsbruck Tourism / Markus Mair
© Innsbruck Tourism / Kathrin Baumann
© Innsbruck Tourism / Tom Bause

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IT-Innerebner GmbH
Bundesstraße 25, 6063 Neu-Rum
Phone: +43(0)512 390605


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